Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

As we have discussed previously, drivers must be extremely vigilant to avoid traffic accidents when the warmer weather brings out more motorcycle enthusiasts. Recently Indiana fatalities have established that point unfortunately. By the same token, for enhanced roadway safety, motorcyclists must also take care to operate their choppers safely and legally.

The Indiana State Police offers these suggestions to motorcycle owners to avoid the possibility of a highway accident:

  • learn to operate a motorcycle (or an all-terrain vehicle) from an accredited vehicle
  • practice on private property
  • watch for “objects” (e.g., potholes, pedestrians, traffic) on the road
  • do not follow too closely
  • avoid sudden swerving
  • watch for loose materials on curves and hills
  • practice breaking with booth brakes simultaneously
  • reduce speed on wet pavement, loose gravel, and before curves
  • know how to lay down the motorcycle in case of emergency
  • always wear a helmet, shield, or goggles, long-sleeved jacket, sturdy gloves, and over-the-ankle boots (applies also for all-terrain vehicles)
  • don’t ride if you’ve been drinking or taking drugs
  • fasten loads tightly to the rear
  • pass with caution
  • double check blind entries
  • wear brightly colored clothing
  • signal clearly

Enjoy your motorcycle, but as the ISP recommends, drive defensively for your sake and for the sake of others on the road; it can be a matter of life and death.

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