Avoid Food Poisoning

We are what we eat.  Unfortunately if we get food that is harmful due to bacteria, toxins, parasites, viruses or chemical contaminants then we feel the effects.  Often the effects can be quite serious as has been seen recently in the outbreaks of E.coli from undercooked ground beef and contaminated leafy green vegetable scare.

Consumers can reduce their risks by taking the following steps:

1. Place raw poultry in plastic bags so meat juices cannot cross contaminate other foods;

2. Do not buy foods past “sell-by” or expiration dates;

3. Cook ground beef and other meats completely and request restaurants to do the same;

4. Wash produce thoroughly;

5. Shop at farmers markets whenever possible; and

6. Drive directly home with groceries or place perishables  in a cooler with ice.

Remember – a little caution can prevent a lot of harm down the road.

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