Auto Accident Attorney discuss benefits of Indiana teen driving restrictions

Ask any parent the most important thing to them, and the answer most likely will be, the safety and well being of their children.  In July of 2009, the State of Indiana, began a program aimed at doing just that.  The State has extended the period of time that young drivers will receive training and guidance from adults before they obtain their driver’s licenses.  Now young drivers must be fifteen and a half (rather than 15) to obtain a permit, and the probationary period has been extended to age eighteen.   These measures appear to have helped decrease the traffic crash/accident rate in young drivers.  One study suggests that during the second half of 2010, there was an 83 percent drop in the crash rate for drivers age sixteen to sixteen and a half.

The new measures also address distracted driving, keeping teens from receiving their licenses if they are caught texting or talking on the phone while driving.  As personal injury attorneys here in Indiana we have seen the devastation that can occur from distracted driving or situations for which an inexperienced driver is not prepared to handle.  Automobile/car crashes, motorcycle crashes, collisions with trucks etc often lead to life altering injuries such as brain injury, broken bones, amputation and even death.   When they happen, the injuries caused by these tragedies affect our young drivers even if they are not the one who suffers the injury themselves.  The emotional trauma of watching a friend or family member seriously injured or killed can scar a child for life.

 So, when our children complain about these new rules and restrictions, and they will, we all have to remember the most important thing to us is the safety and well being of our children.  It will take time to know the overall effectiveness of these new rules and restrictions, but initial results are very positive.

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