Are You An Aggressive Driver?

When you’re out on Indiana roads, have you ever been cut off, tailgated, or have  someone swerve into your lane for no apparent reason? Or perhaps from time to time you’ve been an instigator of that kind of reckless driving.

We’ve all had experiences of one kind or another that could lead to a road accident. The Indiana State Police defines an aggressive driver as someone who operates “a motor vehicle in a manner which endangers or is likely to endanger persons or property.” For roadway safety, we can all benefit in general by trying to be a lot less aggressive when we get behind the wheel.

According to the ISP, aggressive or high-risk drivers are those who likely do the following:

  • –  drink and drive, speed, or drive unbelted
  • –  use their vehicles to take out their frustrations
  • –  have high frustration levels and a low concern for other motorists
  • –  those who disobey stop signs and traffic signals, follow too closely, weave in-
  •    and-out of traffic, pass on the right, make unsafe lane changes, flash their lights
  •    and commit other dangerous driving violations that show little regard for the
  •    safety of others
  • –  seldom consider the consequences of their action

If you notice any reckless behavior from other motorists while you’re in your car, consider contacting the local or state police. If, however, you see yourself in any of these behavioral descriptions, please consider changing your ways by keeping your emotions in check.

Protecting yourself and your loves ones, and other innocent Hoosiers, from a highway accident–perhaps even a fatal accident–may depend upon it.

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