Alleged Drunk Driver With Two Kids In Car Crashes Into Tree

Yet another instance where a car operated by a suspected intoxicated driver can become a lethal weapon. A Muncie, Indiana, man driving his fiancée’s two young children home from daycare veered off the road and smashed head-on into a tree on Tuesday night at about 5:30 p.m. The driver as well as the children ages 5 and 2 were all wearing seat belts. However, the older child was flown to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis for emergency surgery and is said to be in stable condition. The younger child only suffered minor injuries fortunately, and driver himself came through okay. According to local media, the driver told police he had consumed four beers and a couple of shots” four hours before the wreck. Blood and breathalyzer tests apparently indicate that the motorist was legally drunk. On a preliminary basis, the motorist has been charged with driving while intoxicated resulting in injury and two counts each of neglect of a dependent and driving while suspended causing injury. Police also notified Child Protective Services of the incident. The motorist, who is currently in Delaware County Jail, apparently has two priors for drunk driving.

Safety is everyone’s business. As we have said time and again, getting behind the wheel after having one too many can be one of the most dangerous things that a motorist can do. It jeopardizes the safety of the vehicle operator, his or her passengers including innocent children, and other motorists on Indiana roads.

Based on many years of experience, we know that drunk drivers can devastate Hoosier families. If you or a loved one have been seriously hurt by a driver under the influence, please contact the personal injury lawyers at Young and Young in Indianapolis to obtain full information about your legal rights to recover money damages in civil court.

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