After Fatal Accident, Indianapolis PD Considers Field-Sobriety Policy For Officers

John Young has written several blog postings about the firestorm surrounding IMPD officer David Bisard who was involved in a collision while operating his police cruiser allegedly under the influence of alcohol. A motorcycle operator lost his life in the accident. There was no field-sobriety test taken administered at the scene which is in part the source of the controversy, but a change in police department policy may be on the horizon.

The website reports as follows:

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department doesn’t require officers involved in crashes to take breath tests to determine whether they were under the influence of alcohol…”My sense is we will be moving very quickly in that direction” for police,  [Indianapolis public safety director Frank] Straub said.

DUI charges against the officer were dismissed for lack of evidence, but he is far from out the woods.  He still faces reckless homicide and criminal recklessness charges.

Mandatory field sobriety testing following accidents is already in effect for Indianapolis firefighters, so the precedent has been established; it’s likely a similar protocol will soon be implemented for police officers.

Leaving aside the specifics of this controversy, drunk drivers sadly come from all walks of live.  In a drunk driving-related traffic accident, each motorist should be treated equally under the law, and then let the chips fall where they may based on where the evidence leads.

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