Brain Injury Support for Families

The number one cause of Brain Injury is trauma.  Trauma, which is blunt force directed at the body, can occur in many settings.  Good accident attorneys and injury lawyers know they can happen in a motorcycle accident, a highway accident with a semi tractor-trailer, a large truck accident, a wreck with a drunk driver, a truck crash, a construction accident, a fall, or even a battery.  Good accident lawyers and injury attorneys also know that the brain injured person, and their families need support and resources to help them recover from and or live with the effects of brain injury. 

The Brain Injury Association of Indiana (BIAI) was started by families who lived through the recovery process and wanted other families to have the benefit of their learning.   BIAI is a thriving organization operated by caring individuals who are dedicated to helping the brain injured, and their families to cope with the injury. What BIAI is all about can be summed up in their mission statement, Vision Statement and Core Values as stated on their website: 

Our Mission
The Brain Injury Association of Indiana is a nonprofit service organization comprised of people with brain injury, their families, and concerned stakeholders who are dedicated to creating a better future by reducing the incidence and effects of brain injury through public and professional education, advocacy, support, and by facilitating inter-agency commitment and collaboration. 
Our Vision Statement
We envision a reduction in the incidence and effects of brain injury in Indiana, and that people with brain injury and their families will be well served, understood, empowered, and supported to live full and meaningful lives.
 Our Core Values

1. We value and respect the dignity and worth of all people in a true spirit of inclusion.

2. We support prevention opportunities through research, education, and public awareness.

3. We believe that people with brain injury have the opportunity to live meaningful lives and have full participation in their communities.

4. We value and respect the importance of meaningful relationships by all people affected by brain injury.

5. We provide rapid, relevant, and accessible information.

6. We promote excellence, quality, and best practice in all fields.

7. We advocate for effective public policy.

8. We practice fiscal responsibility.

9. We respond to issues with integrity, courage, and ethical decision making.

10. We are committed to our values, beliefs, and principles.


                John P.  Young is a past Chair of the Board of Directors of BIAI.  John has represented hundreds of brain injured Hoosiers and their families.  John can help you too.  Call Him.

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