Indiana Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

John P. Young is your Indiana spinal cord injury lawyer.  Mr. Young has and continues to represent Hoosiers coping with spinal cord injuries for more than twenty years.  The common thread in Mr. Young’s cases is that the spinal cord injury was caused by trauma, and the cause of that trauma was another’s negligence. sleep-paralysis-imagery Remember, just because a person did not intend to harm you, cause you to incur medical bills and lose your ability to earn a living to support your family does not mean that they should not be responsible for making up for the harm they did cause.  As your mother taught you, and you teach your children, if you make a mess, or break something, you are responsible for making up for that harm.  You are responsible for making up for all the harm.  Negligence means, in the law, a failure to use reasonable care.  Reasonable care is obeying the rules of the road, or following the safety regulations which cover a construction site.  When a person violates these rules, even if they did not mean to, they are still responsible to make up for the harm they cause, all of the harm they cause.

Statistically speaking close to 11,000 people in the U.S. sustain a traumatic spinal cord injury each year.  These injuries can be permanent or temporary and can affect your ability to feel, to move or both. As we have discussed before, the higher in the spinal cord the injury, the more of the body will be affected. Almost 200,000 people live with paralysis caused by spinal cord injury. For those coping with spinal cord injury, the good news is there are many resources available to help you adapt to your injury and make a life for yourself.  Mr. Young highly recommends you visit the website of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association ( This organization has a wealth of resources and information crucial to a family coping with spinal cord injury and paralysis.  The Association is made up of professionals dedicated to treating spinal cord injury.  It lists support groups and other resources directly from families and individuals who have been on the road you are travelling.  Do not go at this alone, help is near.

If you or a loved one is dealing with a spinal cord injury caused by another’s negligence, call John P. Young for a personal, confidential and free of charge consultation. Mr. Young works exclusively for you and there is no charge unless you receive fair compensation.  You can call 1 888 639-5161, or email Mr. Young at [email protected].  Let Mr. Young help you and your family, call today.

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