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John P. Young is your Indiana Social Security Lawyer.  Mr. Young has represented disabled Hoosiers for 22 years.  He personally meets with every client.  He personally attends every hearing.  He has read the Social Security Rules and Regulations and understands them.  Is pain enough to get you your Social Security Disability Benefits?  The answer is not simple.  The Social Security administration rules and regulations specifically address pain.  There is no test for pain.  There is no objective imaging for pain.  We know people are in pain in a couple different ways.  If the only reason we know you are in pain is because you are telling us you are in pain, you likely will not get benefits.  The reason is because it is easy to say you have pain, but if there are no objective reasons you are having pain, then your chances of getting disability are small. 

Another way to tell if someone is in pain is they have a disease, injury or illness that is known to cause  pain.  Some disabling conditions even have predictable pain patterns.  For example, if you are having pain moving from your neck to your should to your arm and hand, and the pain is accompanied by numbness, your doctor may well test your neck for a disc condition.  You see, a herniated disc, which can be seen on MRI has a predictable pain pattern, depending on where the affected disc is.  If you have a herniated disc, and your pain complaints are the type of complaints  we would expect to see with a disc herniations in that area, your chances of getting disability are quite good. 

Another way we can tell if a person is in pain is they stop using the affected part of their body as much as they used to.  If the pain is in your right leg, and not your left, and you stop using your right leg as much, the leg muscles will get smaller.  This is called atrophy.  The doctor can measure your leg and see that the muscle is wasting, or is atrophying.  If the doctor accurately records his/her findings, then you stand an excellent chance of getting benefits. 

The underlying thread her is that you must be able to document your conditions.  Therefore, you must go to the doctor, tell the doctor accurately what pain and problems you are having and let them test you for any particular problem.  The doctor will document his/her findings and you can present these to the Social Security Administration. 

If you require assistance with your Social Security Disability Claim, call your Indiana Social Security Disability lawyer r, John P. Young today for a confidential and free consultation, toll free  1 888 639-5161.

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