Indiana Serious Injury Attorneys Discuss Semi Tractor-trailer accident

Yesterday we discussed the dangers associated with sharing our highways with large semi tractor-trailers.  As Indiana serious Injury Lawyers, representing seriously injured Hoosiers all over the State of Indiana from our Indianapolis offices, we know that there are many dangers.  Sometimes the dangers stem from the way the trucking company does business.  Of course there is always the risk that that truck company will put a driver who drinks behind the wheel and who will cause a drunk driving accident.  Fortunately this is the rare exception.  However there are many rules that that trucking companies cause to be violated by their push for profits.  A trucker is only allowed to drive a certain number hours in a 24 hour period.  To insure that the driver is not exceeding these limits, the truck operator must have a log, up to date within a short period of any hour.  The trucker must be able to present this up to date log to any state inspecting authority or face fines.  The sleep deprived trucker can be as dangerous as the drunk driver because reaction time is impaired and falling asleep behind a big rig, causing a semi tractor-trailer accident has very serious consequences including spinal cord injury, wrongful death, brain injury and other serious injuries.

Another danger is associated with failing to obtain the proper permits for wide loads and or hazardous loads.  It has been revealed that the collision on I-70 west in Indianapolis which occurred on Monday April 11, 2011 which involved a semi tractor-trailer hauling an oversized load did not have a permit for the work.  This is significant because the route chosen by the trucker required this wide load to move through a construction zone where the width of the lanes were constricted. Normally lanes on I-70 are twelve feet in width.  In the construction zone the lanes were squeezed to 11 feet.  The area of construction is also not a straight course which adds to the danger associated with a semi tractor-trailer carrying a wide load. The crash resulted in the death of Judson D. Dye. 

Fellow Hoosiers this is yet another reminder to be as careful as you can, as there are dangers out there which may not be obvious to you.

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