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Tell Jurors The Truth

I represent people who have suffered serious personal injury or wrongful death in auto accidents, drunk driving accidents, trucking accidents, construction accidents, and really any type of case where a Hoosier is injured as a result of another person who is not responsibly careful. When we ask a jury to help us decide whether the person was not responsibly careful, and if so, what the compensation is for the injured Hoosier, we face a lot of prejudice. The insurance industry has done an effective job convincing the public that anyone who has been injured because another person was not responsibly... View Article

Social Security Disability and Compassionate Allowances

In order to be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits, the claimant must show proof of the existence of a disabling condition that is expected to last at least twelve months. Some conditions are known to be so disabling that they are considered compassionate allowance conditions. Compassionate Allowances (CAL) . CALs are way of quickly identifying disabling conditions and diseases that invariably qualify for disabled status under the Listings of Impairment. The Listing of Impairments is exactly what it sounds like., It is a list of Injuries, illnesses, or diseases, that qualify you for disability if your condition is severe... View Article

Head On Collisions and Serious Personal Injury

Two people were suffered wrongful death in a head on collision in Madison County last night. At least three people were flown by life line helicopter as a result of serious personal injury. According to news reports Lukas D. Green of Muncie Indiana crossed the centerline and collided head on with the car driven by an as yet identified driver. It is not clear why Mr. Green crossed the centerline. This presents another reminder to all Hoosiers that distracted driving kills and maims. Distracted driving includes a wide range of behaviors which take the drivers full attention away from the... View Article

Social Security Disability and Medical Treatment

One of the most common questions I get, when talking to people about their social security claim is, “ Do I qualify for benefits?”. My first response to that question is well, why do you think you are disabled and what do your doctors say about the subject? Usually the person tells me why they think they are disabled. I then have to ask, because they usually forget to tell me what their doctor has to say, do you have any medical proof that you have a medical condition that is causing you those terrible symptoms. The callers usually asks,... View Article

Impact Of Drunk Driving

On Monday afternoon, while I was enjoying Labor Day with my family I received a call from a distraught driver.  He told me of how he was driving through an intersection, on the green light, and was hit broad side by a drunk driver who ran the red light.  The caller’s partner was killed in the collision. The next day, my wife and I were walking our dogs near our home when we noticed paint marks on the road of a busy intersection.  I knew they meant that there had been a collision at the intersection, but I did not... View Article

Social Security-Is There a Problem with Filing If Your Disability May Not Be Permanent

The Short answer is no.  First, your disability does not have to be permanent to receive Social Security Disability Benefits.  The standard used by the Social Security Administration to determine one’s eligibility for Disability Benefits is whether the disabling condition is likely to last more than 12 months.  If your condition is expected to last more than 12 months, but may resolve at a later date, then I suggest that you file at your earliest possible opportunity. What happens if you do not know whether your disabling condition is expected to last 12 months.  Say for example you are injured... View Article

Watch Out for Bicyclists – Put down your phone, pay attention to your driving.

Put down your phone, and drive. As I ride my bike I see many motorists who do dumb things. Most of these folks are using a cell phone. I see many folks with the phone to their ear, but I also see people looking at their phones. I do not know what they are doing, texting or surfing the web, but I do know they are being distracted from their primary responsibility, driving safely. Many of these folks drop their phone into their lap when they see me watching them. This indicates they know what they are doing is wrong.... View Article

Social Security Disability Claims- Where We are Headed

The recent AP article(s) (House investigators: Social Security lax in judging disability claims; fund nearing insolvency; and/or Judges: Social Security pushes approval of claims, Associated Press, June 24 and/or June 27[MF1] ) that your paper ran was/were extremely misleading. The articles’ central claim – that Social Security is “lax” in evaluating disability – is clearly contradicted by the facts. As an advocate for people with disabilities, I know firsthand how strict the disability criteria are. Most people who apply are denied, and only about 40% are awarded benefits-even after all stages of appeal. Many beneficiaries are terminally ill-about 1 in 5... View Article

Objects flying off vehicles causing Automobile Collisions and Serious Personal Injury

We all see it travelling on our highways. An overloaded pickup truck hits a bump on the road and out flies a part of its payload into the path of oncoming cars travelling at 65 miles per hour. Most of the time the cars behind the problem avoid the object and move on down the road. Not so all the time. Yesterday, a hay bale fell off a truck on Highway 46 in Bartholomew county. The bale hit a motorcycle traveling in the opposite direction causing the motorcycle to crash. Two Hoosiers William Eland III and his wife Lindsay Eland... View Article

Motorcycle Accidents can be Prevented

We send our thoughts and prayers to Indiana State Police Officer First Sgt. Jon Watson. Trooper Watson was injured on I-70 when a vehicle, while attempting to change lanes, moved into a space occupied by Trooper Watson. Trooper Watson lost control and crashed. He suffered serious personal injury including fractures in several places in his leg and abrasions. We wish Trooper Watson a speedy recovery. Lets use this experience as a teaching moment for us all. The best way to avoid automobile collisions, and motorcycle collisions is, as the driver, to be aware of your surroundings at all times. This... View Article