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Indianapolis Social Security lawyersThe Social Security Administration routinely denies initial claims for benefits under the Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) and supplemental security income (SSI) programs. If your initial claim has been denied or if your request for reconsideration of a rejected claim was unsuccessful, the advice of an experienced attorney might make the decisive difference at the administrative appeals stage of the process. Contact the Indianapolis law firm of Young & Young for a free consultation about your application for SSDI or SSI benefits.

SSDI benefits are available for people with recent work history whose physical or mental condition prevents them from working at their previous job or other occupation for at least a year. SSI benefits represent a safety net for people whose disability prevents them from working, but who lack the recent job experience that would qualify them for SSDI benefits. Our lawyers can explain the eligibility criteria and claims procedures in clear terms.

We are often successful in obtaining SSDI or SSI benefits at the administrative hearing stage after previous claims have been denied. Our understanding of what it takes to prove a Social Security disability case can help clients whose applications have been rejected for disabilities resulting from either traumatic injuries or chronic medical conditions, including the following:

  • Severe back injury or neck problems involving herniated discs or related nerve damage
  • Traumatic brain injury resulting in cognitive loss or significant functional deficits
  • Chronic illnesses and their complications, including obstructive pulmonary disorder, diabetes, or heart disease
  • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), fibromyalgia, or reflex sympathetic dystrophy, or other illnesses that are hard to diagnose and prove

Our lawyers usually become most actively involved with Social Security disability claims after the application has been denied at the first two stages of the process. Nevertheless, we can help clients understand the procedures and the most effective ways to present information from the earliest stages of the application.

If you're considering filing for Social Security disability benefits under either the SSDI or SSI programs, or if you have applied unsuccessfully, contact Young & Young in Indianapolis for a free consultation about your right to collect payments.

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