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respected Indianapolis attorneys At Young & Young, our clients are important to us. Our clients come to us, in large part, as a result of other lawyers who refer their clients to us, so that we can work together with them to protect and preserve their clients’ rights. At Young & Young, we understand that lawyers have a right to advertise; however, that does not mean that it is right. We have steadfastly believed, since our inception, that lawyer advertising tarnishes the public’s view of trial lawyers, and more importantly, impedes our clients’ ability to obtain fair compensation.

Respected By Our Peers

Lawyer referral is the backbone of Young & Young’s success. Lawyers who refer cases to us know and count on several key premises. First, they know that we will not advertise in their community to take their clients from them. Secondly, they know that when we complete a case, we remind their clients to return to their offices for any future legal work. In short, as Young & Young, we do not come to your community to take your clients from you, and we do not keep your clients from you for future legal matters. These two longstanding and honored principles form the bond between Young & Young and the lawyers who entrust their clients to us for assistance.

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