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experieced wrongful death attorneys Wrongful death is the technical term under state law for the civil liability of a defendant for the accidental or intentional death of an individual. Most wrongful death cases involve negligence, as in a fatal accident or an episode of medical malpractice, but homicide can also support a claim for wrongful death damages. No matter how the victim's death occurred, wrongful death cases present enormous strains for the victim's family and unique challenges for the lawyers.

Ever since our law firm was founded in 1954, the attorneys of Young & Young have helped Indiana families deal with the trauma of the sudden loss of a loved one while working to achieve their future financial security through civil litigation. For a free consultation about our ability to represent your interests effectively under extremely difficult circumstances, contact our office in Indianapolis.

Every family confronted with an accidental death has different needs, and those needs can also change over time. At Young & Young, we can help you with the immediate demands of probate and estate administration while we develop and present your claim for wrongful death damages. Our experience with Indiana probate law can also help lead toward a settlement of your claim structured so as to result in the maximum benefit possible for the victim's heirs and surviving family.

Indiana wrongful death law has many different technical rules that can determine who has standing to file the lawsuit and who is entitled to collect the damages, depending on whether the victim was married, had dependents at the time of death, or was under the age of 18. Special rules apply in cases of medical negligence and in claims against government entities. Our understanding of the intricate details of Indiana wrongful death law helps us concentrate on the quality of the client service we can provide.

Most of all, we work quickly to protect your interests. We make sure that the accident scene is preserved and thoroughly investigated, we identify and locate the witnesses, and work to ensure that our grasp of the facts relating to liability and damages is as accurate and comprehensive as possible.

Whether your family's loss was suffered in a deadly traffic accident, a fatal fire, or in a fall at a construction site, our accident attorneys are committed to helping you recover everything the law allows. For additional information, contact one of the injury lawyers at Young & Young in Indianapolis.

To learn how you and your family can benefit from the experience and reputation of a law firm that has served its clients, the profession and the community for more than 50 years, contact one of the personal injury lawyers at Young & Young for a free consultation.

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