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semi-truck accident attorneysThe complexity of modern truck accident litigation makes Young & Young an ideal choice for anyone in Indiana who needs legal advice in the aftermath of a collision with a semi tractor-trailer combination, a heavy equipment hauler, or a delivery truck. Our highway accident attorneys have long been recognized as leaders in the profession and the community, and our focus on detail and prompt client service can make a significant difference in your truck accident claim.

Contact one of the experienced personal injury lawyers at Young & Young in Indianapolis for conscientious service in a serious Indiana truck accident case. Our familiarity with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations can plot the course toward establishing liability against one or more corporate defendants whose negligence helped cause your accident. Our experience with the investigation and proof of complex facts can help streamline and narrow the issues in dispute to your advantage. Finally, our firm's long tradition of client service and respect for the legal process means that our presentation of the facts and the law will be taken seriously by judges, opponents and insurance companies alike.

Just as our careful investigation of the facts in light of a truck driver or owner's responsibilities for safe maintenance and operation can help prove liability against one or several defendants, our close attention to your physical condition and course of recovery is essential to the proof of your damages in the greatest amount permissible under the facts of a given case. Our knowledge of Indiana personal injury law and experience with high-stakes settlement negotiations helps us identify the separate components of your overall damages claim. We then match the proof to those components so that the defendant or its insurer will have a hard time denying the fact of your loss or projected need for future treatment.

In addition to members of the general driving public, we also represent truck drivers and other commercial vehicle operators who were injured on the job in highway accidents, freight yard or loading dock accidents, or while handling cargo on a delivery route. In some cases, the driver's damages will be limited to workers' compensation benefits, but in others, we can advise you about the possibility of a civil lawsuit for personal injury damages over and above workmans' comp.

Young & Young has served Hoosiers in complex personal injury litigation for more than 50 years. To learn how the current generation of Young attorneys continues the firm's tradition in truck accident cases today, contact us in Indianapolis for a free consultation.

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