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product liability lawyers The family law firm of Young & Young is proud of its tradition of client and community service that reaches back to 1903. Our statewide reputation for integrity while representing our clients and for the results we achieve for them is based on a solid ethic of hard work and an aggressive pursuit of justice within the spirit as well as the letter of the law. To learn how these professional values inform our practice and can benefit you and your family in a case involving defective products at home, on the road, at work, or on the farm, contact one of our lawyers in Indianapolis for a free consultation.

Our experience and skill with the investigation and proof of complex personal injury claims can help with establishing both the liability of the defendant and the extent of the injuries and losses suffered in cases involving bad product design, failures in the manufacturing or inspection process, or failure to warn of known hazards. We represent product liability plaintiffs in cases involving such problems as the following:

  • Defective power tools in the home or at work
  • Automotive defects involving tires, seat belts, airbags, fuel line systems, or crashworthiness
  • Unsafe toys, inflammable children's clothing, or other hazardous household goods
  • Defective farm machinery such as combines, balers, corn pickers, or augers
  • Tainted feed, dangerous pesticide, or hazardous fertilizer losses and injuries
  • Dangerous pharmaceutical or medical products ranging from prescription or over-the-counter drugs to surgical implants, prostheses or stents

Product liability litigation presents special challenges for the injury lawyers representing an injured plaintiff. In defective design cases, it's generally necessary to show how the product could have been made and marketed safely at a comparable price. In many dangerous products cases, the defense will argue that the plaintiff's injuries were caused by something or someone else, including the plaintiff's own negligence.

We have many years of experience with the analysis and presentation of defective products cases on behalf of individual plaintiffs and on a mass tort or class action basis. For a free consultation about your right to compensation for injuries caused by manufactured products of any kind, contact an experienced Indiana product liability attorney at Young & Young in Indianapolis.

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