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Presenting Your Construction Accident Damages Claim

construction accident lawyersAt the Indianapolis law firm of Young & Young, our accident attorneys represent personal injury and wrongful death clients in lawsuits for damages related to construction site accidents. Our knowledge of Indiana negligence law, our experience with the proof of complex claims, and our skill with the presentation of evidence in court can all represent a significant advantage for our clients in the settlement or trial of construction accident cases. Contact our office in downtown Indianapolis for a free consultation on your potential claims.

Our accident lawyers represent workers who were injured on residential or commercial building sites, public improvement or infrastructure development projects, or in highway and road construction zones. Typical accidents include any of the following:

  • Motor vehicle accidents involving delivery vehicles, heavy equipment haulers, maintenance trucks, mobile cranes or bucket trucks
  • Excavation accidents involving earthmoving equipment, foundation or trench collapse, or injuries suffered in landslides
  • Falling accidents involving roofs, ladders or scaffolds
  • Burn injuries caused by fire, chemical exposure, explosions, or electrocution
  • Injuries caused by loose or falling objects from overhead

A common issue that arises early in construction accident cases is whether the injured worker has the right to file a civil lawsuit at all. Workers' compensation will normally be available to meet the loss of income and medical requirements for the victim, but unless a defendant other than the victim's employer can be held responsible, workmans' comp will be the exclusive source of payments for injuries on the job.

Construction accidents will often support a lawsuit for additional damages on behalf of an injured worker against non-employer defendants working under separate contracts on the project. To learn more about your right to collect personal injury damages in an Indiana construction site accident case, contact a knowledgeable attorney at Young & Young in Indianapolis.

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