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When you are going about your daily routine, then all of a sudden, your plans are disrupted by another person's careless driving, you are faced with decisions you need to make for which you did not have time to prepare.

One of the first thoughts after finding out whether you were injured or not is: "what do I do next" I have listed below are 12 tips from our "Glove Box Collision Checklist".

12 helpful tips for when an automobile collision occurs

  • Tip 1. Turn Off Your Vehicle After Making Sure You Are Stopped in a Safe Location

  • Tip 2. Check for Any Injuries to You and Your Passengers

  • Tip 3. Call or Have Someone Call 9-1-1 for Police and, if Injuries are Present, for an Ambulance

  • Tip 4. If Able, Take Photographs of the Vehicles Involved (Including License Plates) and of the Scene

  • Tip 5. Get the Name, Address, Telephone Number, and E-mail Address, if Possible,of Any Witnesses and Get Insurance Information from Other Driver(s)

  • Tip 6. Only Talk to Police Officers and Emergency Responders at the Scene (Be Truthful and Just State the Facts at the Scene)

  • Tip 7. Before Using a Tow Truck, Check to See if You Have Benefits for AAA or Any Other Towing Service, and Take Valuables from Your Vehicle Before it is Towed

  • Tip 8. Seek Medical Treatment if You are Injured and Get Checked Out

  • Tip 9. Call Your Insurance Company to Report and Make a Claim, and be Sure to Advise the Bureau of Motor Vehicles of Your Coverages

  • Tip 10. Do NOT Post Anything About the Collision on any Social Media Site

  • Tip 11. Do NOT Give a Statement to Any Insurance Company Personnel for the Other Driver(s) Without First Consulting a Lawyer

  • Tip 12. Use Your Health Insuranceto Pay Medical Bills and Medical Payments Coverage Under Your Auto Insurance to Pay co-pays and Deductables, Unless You Have Medicare; then, Med Pay Must be Exhausted Before Medicare Will Pay; Do NOT Rely on Other Driver's Insuance Company to Pay Your Medical Expenses

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